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Best Backpacks for 13 Inch MacBook Pro in 2021

Best Backpacks for 13 Inch MacBook Pro 2021

When it comes to backpacks for a premium Laptop like MacBook Pro, there are a few important factors that need to be considered. The backpack should not only be stylish and fancy, but it should also have other features that you need for the maximum protection of the MacBook Pro.

It should be waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your laptop soaking wet in the rainy season. It should also be dust-proof, and it should most definitely be able to survive a fall. It’s important that your MacBook is well protected from all the elements and should be perfectly fine in case of an accident.

Best 13 Inch MacBook pro backs of 2021

However, it’s also important that the backpack is stylish and suit your personality. Some people prefer professional-looking backpacks, while some like to have something colorful and trendy. A comprehensive round-up of the best backpacks for MacBooks will help you choose the ideal one.

  1. Evecase Lightweight Nylon Water Resistant Backpack

Evecase Lightweight Nylon Water Resistant Backpack

Tired of carrying your books and laptop in separate bags? The Evecase Lightweight Backpack makes this list for its versatility and spacious interior. You can fit in your MacBook or other laptops up to 15-inch, all your notebooks, and school supplies as well as your Kindle, iPad or any other device easily. When it comes to backpacks, it’s all about getting all things together but keeping them separate for easy access, which is exactly what this backpack does.


Interior padded compartments ensure the safety of the laptop and tablet. The padded compartment makes sure that any acting shock is absorbed before it reaches the gadgets. You can easily fit in your laptop accessories such as headphones and power bank as well as your notebooks in the front compartment. It’s the perfect backpack for students who have to carry a laptop and books every day.


It’s not the most stylish backpack available and the design is pretty basic.


A perfect companion for your MacBook, its nylon construct makes it water-resistant and a durable partner for when the weather is rough. It also features side pockets for bottles and headset grommet for your phone or iPod.

  1. Thule Crossover Sling Pack

Thule Crossover Sling Pack - Best Backpack for Macbook Pro 13 Inch in 2021

While some people prefer to have backpacks with extra features and enough room for other necessary stuff apart from their MacBook, some like to have a backpack that is large enough to carry the laptop but not too oversized. Made of aluminum hardware and water-resistant fabric, it’s the perfect lightweight, durable, and weatherproof backpack that you need to protect your MacBook in all conditions.


A stash pocket on the shoulder strap is ideal for storing small items, while there are compartments for storing the accessories and other stuff such as magazines and maps. The simple yet unique design makes it a stylish bag that goes well with almost every fashion trend. You can get the backpack in two colors: black and blue. The back panel has airflow channels for proper ventilation, while the strap is also made of air mesh material. A side handle is also provided if you want to carry the backpack as a briefcase instead of a sling pack.


It is not packed with as many features and pockets as other products available on the market.


Thule Crossover Sling Pack for the 13-inch MacBook is the perfect backpack if you like to one-strap instead of double-strapping.

  1. Timbuk2 Rogue Laptop Backpack

Timbuk2 Rogue Laptop Backpack for 13 inch Macbook Pro 2021

Rogue Laptop Backpack is made from polyester canvas. This backpack is the second Timbuk2 entry on the list. Suitable for MacBooks up to 15-inch, this backpack is designed to keep your laptop safe from all shocks and weather changes. Its unique military look makes it a stylish and classy backpack.


Available in three amazing colors, you can get the backpack in navy blue, carbon black, or mud green. All these colors are ideal for traveling and carrying around when hiking or trekking. The Rogue Backpack is made with a ventilated back panel so that your back gets the breathing room it needs. It has pockets for everything; you can fit your notebooks and clothes, and you also have all those small pockets that are a must for every good backpack. The removable sternum strap and custom-fit strap design make it a comfortable backpack that adjusts to your needs perfectly.


It’s not the most stylish backpack available on the market and only seems suitable for traveling.


Most backpacks fail to realize that everyone needs to carry accessories such as headphones and adapter along with a MacBook, but Rogue Backpack take cares of all of that beautifully.

  1. eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible

eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible Backpack for macbook pro 13 inch

When it comes to backpacks, very few are able to deliver versatility, but a convertible backpack such as the TLS Mother Lode Weekender is the perfect backpack for you, whether you need to travel or attend school or professional meetings. Available in five different colors for you to pick from, it’s a perfect backpack for your MacBook, although it’s a lot more than just that.


It has more pockets than you can count, and there’s a specialized compartment for almost everything. What makes an amazing travel companion is that you can add full expansion zippers for all the stuff you pick along the way. Briefing all its pockets and internal features is a lengthy discussion, and that’s why this is one of the most feature-packed backpack available at the moment. You can use this amazing backpack for carrying your clothes, books, gadgets or anything else you need for those quick 2-day trips. The backpack also features a removable waist belt for when you’re hiking or climbing.


It’s not very compact and if you’re only looking to carry your laptop, this backpack isn’t recommended.


If you need something spacious, reliable, pocket-friendly and versatile, get this Convertible Weekender.

  1. DAOTS Canvas Casual Backpack Vintage Rucksack Daypack

DAOTS Canvas Casual Backpack Vintage Rucksack Daypack for 13 Inch MacBook Pro 2021

The DAOTS Canvas Backpack isn’t your usual backpack; it’s a unique and vintage bag that will add a suave look to your personality. Made with soft and durable canvas with pure cotton inside, this backpack is as comfortable as your quilt.

Made to function as a suitcase, briefcase, handbag or backpack, you’ll not need another hand-carry if you get this. One bag with three different ways of carrying, this is definitely going to serve your fashion needs well.


The straps are hidden so that you can use the bag as a backpack as well as for hand-carry. And if that isn’t versatile enough for you, a detachable strap means you can turn it into a cross-body or mail bag.

It can carry 13 to 14-inch MacBooks and has all the pockets you need. A separate pocket for phone and notebook, a zippered back pocket, and a pen pocket make this the perfect backpack for all students who love being trendy.


It’s not the ideal backpack for traveling as it is not water-resistant or shockproof.


If you’re looking for a trendy and edgy backpack that is not only stylish but also packed with features, DAOTS Vintage Backpack is what you should consider getting.

  1. eBags TLS Professional Weekender

eBags TLS Professional Weekender - Best backpack for 13 Inch macbook Pro 2021

As the name implies, it is the best backpack for traveling as it lets you manage your belongings in an organized and professional manner. It features a clothing compartment as well and can easily fit in the overhead of all regional jets. What makes it the best travel backpack is that it is convertible to a briefcase and features horizontal and vertical panels for luggage handles.


The well-padded and vented back panel and straps make it absolutely shock absorbent. From the outside, it appears as a simple black backpack, but the interior makes this one of the best backpacks in the series. You can pack your clothes in it easily, and it’s ideal for two-day trips, so you don’t have to carry more luggage than you need to. You can also fully access the packing area by the double-zip, so you can pack easily. There’s additional space in the rear section as well. There’s a separate slot for your MacBook with easy access and an AC Adapter garage.


The design isn’t the most attractive and it is only available in one color and design.


In short, eBags Professional Weekender is the backpack you need if you love traveling.

  1. Everki Studio Slim Laptop Backpack

Everki Studio Slim Laptop Backpack for 13 Inch macbook Pro

Are you a fan of backpacks that are not so heavy on the looks but have all the right features when it comes to comfort and ease? Everki brings you the perfect backpack for your MacBook. Not only is it designed for the total safety of your laptop, but it is also capable of carrying tons of other stuff. Along with a dedicated slot for MacBook Pro 15, you’ll also get a slot for storing your iPad or Kindle.


The straps are easily adjustable, and you get pockets for holding water bottles as well. But the real fun begins with its zippered stash pockets that are perfect for you if you like keeping everything separately. The shoulder straps are comfortable, and its hidden stash pocket means you can keep all your important stuff hidden. The design is simple yet elegant and easily fits in with every fashion trend.


It may not be the most stylish backpack and is only available in one color.


With this backpack, you’ll not only be getting a bag for your MacBook, but you’ll also be getting the perfect companion for your journeys and road trips. It’s stylish, comfortable, and filled with pockets that will surely make your life easier.

  1. Case Logic DLBP-114 14-Inch Laptop Backpack

Case Logic DLBP-114 14-Inch - Best Backpack for Macbook pro 13 Inch

Looking for a backpack to make your life easier and more stylish? Case Logic has got it all covered with their DLBP-114 Laptop Backpack. Its laptop compartment can hold 13-inch to 15-inch MacBooks perfectly. You can also keep 14-inch laptops easily as there’s an integrated laptop compartment that can hold laptops with screens up to 14-inch.


It has a zippered safety pocket that can be used to secure important travel documents, while a scratch-resistant pocket on the top is perfect for storing sunglasses or your mobile phone. It also has zippered side pockets that are ideal for quick access to keys, cords, or snacks. To make sure your MacBook is secure at all times, it offers quilted padding on all sides. You can get it in two slightly different designs. While the main color of the backpack is black, red is used scarcely as well to give the backpack a stylish and elegant look. A backpack with all the pockets you need and an elegant black color is what you get if you buy this.


It is only available in one color combination.


Packed with features, this MacBook backpack is all about making your life easier.

  1. Timbuk2 Command Laptop TSA-Friendly Backpack

Timbuk2 Command Laptop TSA-Friendly Backpack for 13 Inch Macbook Pro in 2021

When it comes to backpacks for laptops, very few can deliver the class and elegance that one seeks. If you’re looking for something elegant yet reliable and weather-resistant, Timbuk2 Command Laptop Backpack will prove to be a great buy for you. This backpack is classy and simple. You can carry it to board meetings and take it on your road trips without it feeling out of place.


It is available in some amazing colors and designs that you can pick from. A travel-friendly backpack, it’s designed so that you can go through airport security without removing your belongings from the backpack. The main compartment is large and can store books, clothing items, or other essentials. The back panel is made of channeled airmesh that provides good ventilation. But most importantly, the laptop compartment is fully padded with the quilted tricot fabric and it can easily fit a 13-inch MacBook.


The backpack is not fully waterproof and lacks essential small pockets that you need in a laptop bag.


It goes with every fashion trend you want to sport and is durable and of high-quality, so it’s the perfect companion for your MacBook.

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