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Best MacBook Pro Backpacks For 2021 – Affordable MacBook Packs

Best MacBook pro backpacks of 2021

MacBook Pros are thought by many to be the Creme De La Creme among Notebooks. Yet some people argue with that. According to them, there are many other options to look for, instead of MacBooks. But the one thing on which each of them agrees is:

MacBook Pros are Expensive machines. No doubt about that.

An average MacBook Pro can cost you around $2000. Now imagine you go to the countryside or travel abroad and take this precious piece of hardware with you. It may happen that you put a scratch on it during all this, or at worse, you may do some internal damage to it.

Unless you’re a stupid millionaire it would be foolish to spend 2000 bucks of your hard-earned money every year or so.

All you need to take care of your MacBook is a Good quality, Solid Built Backpack.

Backpack — or simply pack — is a cloth bag a person uses while traveling. Apart from the laptop, you can put your other devices such as Mobile phones, tablets, Camcorder, accessories, and some clothes too. So it’s more like a Travelling-suite.

The Best 13 Inch MacBook pro backpacks of 2021 Reviewed

Backpack NameFits SizesRatingPrice
Asus ROG Nomad17 Inches9.7/10
Brenthaven Prostyle17 Inches9.6/10
Targus Drifter 217 Inches9.6/10
Thule Crossover17 Inches9.7/10
Brenthaven's Broadmore15 inches9.5/10
Ogio Renegade RSS15 Inches9.6/10
Incase Icon backpack13 Inches9.8/10
Everki Studio Slim14 Inches9.5/10
Case Logic Backpack14 Inches9.3/10
TIMBUK2 Command Backpack13 Inches9/10

Although there are many backpacks available in market right now but the problem is that Every backpack is not a good backpack. There are many problems that can happen with an ordinary backpack. First of these is weight, ordinary backpacks can be bulky. Combine this weight with your laptop’s and you’ll feel like a laborer without wage. Material is another issue. Not every backpack’s material can soak your sweat.

So you need to spend a little more and get backpacks that are lightweight, solid and durable. To make your task a little easier you’ve written a post about Best backpacks for MacBook Pro. These backpacks are suitable for different size such as 13″, 15″ etc. and we’ll mention it.

10. Timbuk2 Command Laptop TSA-Friendly Backpack

Timbuk2 Command Laptop TSA-Friendly Backpack for 13 Inch Macbook Pro in 2021

Timbuk2 backpacks are known for their solid built and why would they not be so tough? They cost more than 100 bucks, after all. From aesthetics it looks like a travel-oriented bag and suites casual-wearers more than it does for a person in suit. Its design may not amuse you but this is where it stands: simple and unique.

Since it is a medium-size backpack it suites mid-size men more than tall persons. For tall persons, it looks a bit too small. It fits for females perfectly though. Its dark black color means that it won’t get (or look) dirty more often. There are some other color options too however.

It has a TSA-laptop flap where you can easily place your 13″ macbook or any other laptop of that size. There is also a Tablet Pocket for your iPad. There is Timbuk2 Signature Bottle-openers on its straps. Some people may not like them but they’re OK for me.

I personally like my laptop against my backpack. It prevents you from bending though, but it also makes you hard to be pick-pocketed. One advantage this backpack has is its compression. It compresses only from bottom. This means that there will be no compression straps on the way of your zippers.

This pack has different sections. Front sections is for you working tools like pens files etc. whereas the middle section is for clothes.

It has some downsides too. First, since not being stylish it is not ideal for day-to-day usage, like going to university or collage. You can’t do a lot of walking while carrying it on your bag. The reason is the lack of hip belt. Since it can fit up to 13″ laptop you can’t put a lot of stuff in it.

Nonetheless, it is still one of the best when it comes to travelling by air or by train.

9. Case Logic DLBP-114 14-Inch Laptop

Case Logic DLBP-114 14-Inch - Best Backpack for Macbook pro 13 Inch

Timbuk2 command is a very good laptop backpack but it can only accommodate laptops up to 13″ size. Now imagine you happen to have a laptop that has 14″ size for example. To cope this problem we have not 1 but 2 backpacks. First one is Case Logic’ DLBP-114 whereas the second is Everki’s Studio backpack. I’m reviewing Case Logic first simply because it’s a cheaper option (almost 3 times cheaper than Studio Backpack).


It’ll not be exaggeration if I say that it’s arguably the sexiest laptop bag you can buy. Black model is particularly good. Red color on straps and zippers blends well. Polyester material is matte and glossy. Talking about zips, zippers on main compartment are particularly large. To keep your shoulders sweat-free, its shoulder straps have air mesh padding.

There is a Velcro tie at the end of each shoulder strap which keeps excessive straps.


Its main pocket (the one with large zippers) has an integrated laptop compartment. Including back and bottom, it has uniform padding. Even it’s made for 14″ laptops, it’s perfect for 13″ macbook pro. One thing that’ll make you disappoint in this bag, is its lack of horizontal space. It means you can’t put your English dictionary in it.

Its front pocket has 2 medium-sized internal pockets where you can put your iPad or cell phone etc. For your cell phone accessories, there’s one pocket too. One disadvantage (depending upon your needs) it has is that you can’t put any water bottle in it.


Well, It’s less than 50 bucks and you can’t ask much in this price range. Even then, it gives you very less complaints.

8. Everki Studio Slim Laptop Backpack

Everki Studio Slim Laptop Backpack for 13 Inch MacBook Pro 2021

Everki Studio Slim is an all-purposes laptop backpack that is a perfect combination of style and substance. Its zips are the only plastic thing you’ll find in this backpack. Its zippers Grips aren’t made plastic. Instead you’ll get Aluminium ones. Its exterior is made from ballistic grade nylon which makes it very tough and durable.

The color of the interior fabric is orange which produces enough contrast to make all the items inside this backpack visible. This interior fabric is smooth, rubberized, and padded. This is the reason why the items inside this backpack won’t make contact with its exterior fabric.

Another reason for its solid built is stitching. Yes, it is stitched with nylon threads and everything is at least double-stitched. I am not gonna discuss its pocket because these are everywhere. Different size pockets at different areas. To be honest, I didn’t find any particular flaw in this backpack.

And why should there be any flaw by the way?

You’re paying more than 100 bucks for it after all.

7. Incase Icon backpack

Incase ICON Backpack for 15-Inch MacBook Pro

Until now, we’ve discuss backpacks that can only accommodate 13″ MBP. From here, you’ll start discussing backpacks that can take 15″ laptops into their pocket – Incase Icon backpack is one of these. According to Incase, this is the Best backpack they’ve made, ever. It’s available in 4 colors: My personal favorites; Red, Moss Green, Black and Grey, etc.

This backpack is made of 840D nylon which is very durable. Its straps are very adjustable too. You can even warp ‘em around your torso with a buckle if you don’t like to have your backpack move to and fro while you’re moving. To have proper airflow between your back and the pack, there are many air channels in its back panel. It has soft and fuzzy interior which ensures to protect any device you put in it.

Once you open it, you’ll find many small pockets and compartments. These pockets can be used to store everything from your headphones pair and wall charger to your iPod and its Power-bank. For other things, like Keys for example, you can top side.

Its backside compartment is used to place MacBook Pro in it. A side-loading compartment seems perfect for a Tablet. There are some smaller pockets near the bottom side too, for holding for Cell phone and wallet etc.

6. Ogio Renegade RSS Laptop/Tablet Backpack

Ogio Renegade RSS Laptop Backpack for 15 Inch Macbook Pro 2021

Ogio’s Renegade RSS is a backpack which belongs to the flagship category. Upon looking it looks like a big backpack with a LOT of space and some more space.

Design wise, it’s available Black Pindot and Simple Black options. Black version, which we’re reviewing, can contain a laptop with 15″ screen size. Just as its name suggests, its color is black with some hints of striking red on its zippers. This bag is made of 600 denier Pindot Polyester (it contains stitching of 600 threads per inch), ensuring it to be lasting and durable.

Since it got RSS word in its name, you can assume that it features Ogio’s own Reactive Suspension System. this features protect your MacBook Pro from shocks and accidental drops. Not to forget about its Hybrid Unibody Panel and crush-proof Tech Vault (Another testament that it can protect your iDevices).

Its other features include a main compartment apart from the dedicated ones for your Tab/eBook reader, Laptop and for some other small accessories. Although its shoulder straps are expandable and have a nylon pocket to contain a cell phone, I found that pocket to be a little too small to hold 5″ smartphones nowadays.

Apart from the fact that it costs you almost 150 bucks, there’s no point not to buy it. Especially if you’ve already own a $2000 MBP.

What Do Others Say About It:

The OGIO Renegades RSS’ utility and comfort are enough to almost make me rethink my stance on expensive bags

– NoteBook Review

5. Brenthaven Broadmore – 15-Inch Macbook Pro Backpack

Brenthaven Broadmore backpack for 15 Inch Macbook pro and Macbook Air

Brenthaven Broadmore is another high-end laptop backpack with a High-end price. Unlike other backpacks in this list that are made from Polyester and other materials, Broadmore’s body is made from 844Dnylon with 210 D nylon lining.

Like other backpacks in this list, Broadmore is also padded on both back side and shoulder straps. Apart from padding, these shoulder straps have interweaved with Napa leather. 2 small pockets front pockets can be used to place a smartphone or a tablet etc. Like Timbuk2 command, it’s also a TSA-friendly laptop. It means that you don’t need to take your laptop out for scanning, when/if checking out on any airport.
Broadmore also has a CORE™ Protection laptop compartment. What this compartment does is to wrap your laptop in a padded foam. One advantage of this foam is that your laptop will have a good fit even if it’s smaller.

An even more cool thing about this backpack is that it can change its dimensions. That’s what make it very easily to place in different places like under the bed/car etc. The only one not-so-good thing in this backpack is that it can only accommodate laptops with up to 15″ screen size. Nonetheless, there are many goodies in this backpack. That’s why Elijah Nicolas called it the backpack “Optimized for Travel”.

Some time ago it was a little expensive — almost $250 — but now you can get it in even less than 100 bucks.

4. Thule Crossover TCBP-117 Backpack

Thule Crossover TCBP-117 Backpack for 17 inch macbook pro for 2021

And now we enter the realm of a backpack that can accommodate the largest MBPs – MacBook Pro 17″. First among 4 of those backpacks is Thule Crossover 117 Backpack. It is a 25-liter pack with 2 front pockets. It is made of durable fabric material which makes it water-resistant.

Like Brenthaven broadmore, this backpack has a protection compartment of its own. They call it crush-proof SafeZone™. Inside this compartment you can place all of your fragile accessories like sunglasses, portable electronics or Headphones etc. Of course, you can lock or remove that compartment if you want extra space.

While there are many backpacks with padded shoulder straps, Thule went a step even further. Crossover’ shoulder straps provide ventilation as well as compression. Its laptop compartment can store a laptop with up to 17-inch.

3. 17-Inch Targus Drifter II Backpack

17-Inch Targus Drifter II Macbook pro Backpack

Targus Drifter || is another backpack to carry on your 17″ MBP. The main reason why we choose it was its its price. It’s one of very few quality backpacks you can have for your 17″ MBP while spending less than 100 bucks on it at the same time.

Its backside has “breathable” mesh panels that pass air through them. To put your Wallet or some other sensitive docs like passport or ID card you can use its secret zipper compartment at its backside.

Although the whole backpack is well-padded, its front is kept even more padded to protect your fragile accessories like Sunglasses etc. It has as many as 6 pockets on front side. First 3 pockets are small ones which can be used to place in-ear headphones, iPod or flash drives etc. 4th pocket is a big one, it has 2 sections and a pocket in itself. This pocket can be used perfectly for clothing. Other than this, it also has 2 side pockets to place some additional accessories like backup chargers, USB cables etc.

There isn’t any particular flaw in this backpack, except that it’s a bit heavy (more than 4 pounds). That’s why I would recommend it to everyone who has a 17″ MacBook Pro and is looking for a solid-yet-affordable backpack.

2. Brenthaven ProStyle Backpack

Brenthaven ProStyle Backpack for 17 inch Macbook pros

Here is Broadmore’s bigger sibling. One apparent downside of Brenthaven broadmore was that it can only accommodate laptops with up to 15″ screen size. To cope that problem we have Brenthaven’s ProStyle backpack which can store any laptop from 15.4 to 17″ size.

In front of bag there are 3 main compartments. Top one is used for placing small accessories like wallet, keys etc. The outer compartment is a big one. It’s well-organized and has a dedicated pocket to put your cell-phone in. It’s made to be particularly comfortable for travelers.

I’m saying this because of the fact you can access all of your important docs very easily through front pockets without having to opening its main compartments again and again. Moreover its back straps and back panel are padded and have distributed weight so that you can wear it for long periods.

For laptop’s protection, we have HDF protection system. This basically means that your laptop is covered in 1″ of foam and suspended above the bottom of the backpack. To make it even more durable, it’s made from durable nylon. That nylon is further coated polyurethane.

1 – ASUS ROG Nomad Backpack

ASUS Republic of Gamers Nomad Backpack for 17-inch Laptops

Asus is a very common among gaming geeks, from Graphics cards to gaming laptops they built everything in between. Surprising is the fact that they also built backpacks to protect those laptops from accidental shocks.
On design, Nomad is a normal-looking backpack with red-black scheme found common among Asus’ ROG gaming laptop line up.

Apart from being light and comfortable, it is also water-resistant. Imagine that you have to go on a bike during rain while you are carrying your MacBook pro is in your backpack.

Thanks to 1680D ballistic nylon which keeps all your accessories safe and dry. Its durability is also very impressive. It’s reported to carry weight as much as 30KG.

Like other top-notch backpacks, Nomad backpack also has an internal suspension system. Other than main pocket, this backpack has well-padded tailor-made compartments for other gaming accessories. These dedicated pockets are made for keyboard, camera, mouse and other types of cables etc as well as a Hanging hooks for your headphones.

Other than MacBook pro 17″ you can also accommodate different laptops included many ROG ones.

Bottom Line

This backpack costs almost 150 bucks but it’s worth every penny. Even more if you have a gaming laptop or one with 17-inch size.

You can comment below if you got any questions or any Suggestions about Macbook Pro backpacks.

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